About Polish Pottery

Boleslawiec Pottery is the collective term for pottery produced in Bolesławiec, Poland. It is also known as Bunzlau Pottery or just Polish Pottery.

The pottery is hand-made and hand-decorated with floral and geometrical shapes and patterns 

The tradition of Boleslawiec Pottery has been a part of the town and the entire region’s history since the14th century. 


We source our products directly from one of the largest manufactures in Boleslawiec town - Zaklady Ceramiczne. The tradition of the factory dates back to the 19th century when the Reinhold&Co. manufacture operated. 


Over the last several decades Bolesławiec pottery has become popular and well recognized all over Europe, the United States, and Japan and South Korea.

Pottery Corner is proudly promoting and sealing Boleslawiec pottery in Ireland. 

You may start collecting one pattern for classy and elegant tableware or you just ‘mix and match’ several different patterns to gather a modern and eye-catching collection.     


All of our products are:

  • safe with food (lead and cadmium free)
  • dishwasher safe 
  • microwave safe 
  • freezer and refrigerator safe
  • easy to clean
  • oven safe*

*our oven dishes can be used in traditional ovens at the temperature up to 280°C (530°F). Furthermore, the oven dishes as well as some of our teapots and serving plates, with grooved bottoms may be used on traditional electric hobs.

The dishes safe to use on the electric hob are marked as below: 


Do not use oven dishes on an open fire gas hobs or induction hobs.

Do not place a dish into the oven straight from the fridge or freezer as a sudden change of temperature may damage the dish. Remember put cold pottery in a cold oven and hot pottery in a hot oven. 

If baking, pre-heat the oven to required temperature, but no higher than 280'C. The pottery should be in room temperature or higher when put in the oven. 

Always use a wire rack instead of a metal tray. By putting it on the rack we don't give the bottom of the plate a temperature shock that it would get by putting it on a metal tray or other solid surface. Otherwise, the pottery may crack.